Need help for one Native (SetArtificialLightsState AffectsVehicles)

Hi ! i have a problem, i put the Native “SetArtificialLightsStateAffectsVehicles(true)” but i dont know why she dont work… You know how use it ?

Build: set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189
Build server: 3886 (2021-04-28 19:52:07)

—> SetArtificialLightsStateAffectsVehicles()



Yes (but the Native SetBlackout, is now SetArtificialLightsState)
And the Native SetArtificialLightsStateAffectsVehicles, this native allows you to ignore “blackout” for vehicles but i dont know why, she doesn’t work…

hmmm …

sorry i cant find out the problem :frowning:

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Could you solve it?

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i see this Native dont work with build 2189 work only on game build 2060