Need help creating a 3 play character chooser

i need someone who can help me create a screen where players can pick their different characters if anyone can help me please contact me!

Alot of work thats all I gotta say

im willing to do the work as long as it makes my people happy!

If you are wanting to do the work why do you need help? I am confused. :slight_smile:

It might also help to tell them what you are using to store your characters aswell

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what im meaning is i need help but im willing to do whatever i need to do to make my people happy but i dont know how to code it

What are you using to store their characters?

Are you using ESX… VRP… Custom??

esx framework #20characters

Does ESX support multiple characters. I have never used it.

yes it does #20characters

How does it currently select a character?

it automatically picks whatever character you made in the first place #20characters

Ah. See the work would probably go into that more then into the menu. Especially since its built to select automatically instead of waiting for a character selection.

I would help as I have wrote character menus but I don’t know how to rig ESX to wait for a character selection before setting your character. Would probably take a while going through all their code.

yea i see other people with my esx and they have it on their server and ive always wanted it on mine

I am sure they have found some way to do it. Not that it is impossible because its definitely not impossible but will probably be hard to find someone to help with that kind of thing. Wish you luck though.

Thanks! #20characters

pretty sure there is already a feature for this for ESX, you just need to find which one it is… and i believe its obtainable on there git repos.

i would ask in the original topic about it.

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do you mind maybe getting a link and sending me a link to it

Like this?


Yes but for esx #20characters

A much better framework is coming soon, ESX is crappy. You can check out igicodes on twitch to see him dev it.

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