Need devs For a server

need devs for a five m server!!!

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hey what do you want exactly ?

devs for a fivem server

So a few things.

1st What level of a dev are you looking for?
2nd Is there any other way to contact you other than this?
3rd How big is your community? (Is it structured or are you just starting out?)

looking for a dev that can do basic stuff ( go thru scripts change simple stuff like in a menu saying [local en does not exist] , call on discord and my community has just started basically

Hello, I am a server developer I have over 2 years of experience. I can do various things such as putting scripts in, fixing vehicles, setting up vmenu permissions synced with discord.

whats your discord or anything i can contact u thru?

RetiredBike#4186 is my discord

Contact me through discord at RetiredBike#4186

Yeah sound’s good man what’s you’re discord tag?

Sorry for replying late bud but 1. Anyone that can do the stuff i require 2 my discord Synics#8916 3. It’s a new server just attempting to get everything done then the server will be open

HELLO there
Add me up on my Discord @ Supernoval