[NEED DEV] FiveM QB-Core Developer

Hey Guys,

Owner of Rapid Roleplay Australia,

Looking for an experienced developer, Someone that can,

  • Create scripts
  • Configure scripts
  • Tackle errors and bugs
  • Full time DEV
  • English speaking and or Australian
  • Must have a portfolio and or proof of experience

I have a very big dream for my roleplay server and if you see yourself as a developer that loves coding and loves to develop unique scripts and ideas then this is the home for you.

Please reach out at other my,
Discord: 214256263343636500 | mycookednugget
Email: RapidRP@hotmail.com
and or cfx message me.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Says you are not acepting friends on discord add me tixa97

Hey please add me! jaythedev


Hey you still looking? I’m learning to code and might be able to help you