Need Chat script like NoPixel

I need Chat script like Nopixel v2 for ropleplay server ? anyone have ?

I own you 10 seconds of my life…

Nice one :slight_smile: but i dont need this !

Like this

that is not nopixel’s chat
this one is more like it and has font awesome icons: [Civ][ESX] Font Awesome Chat [v1.3][Updated 1/8/2019]

This is not a leaking forum, it’s the cfx forums. You won’t find NoPixel’s chat here.


Be original make your own chat resource. or use one already supplied on the forums and make it look the same with some simple css changes.

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I know, but its close to what NoPixel has… And as MojitoBurrito said, you wont find the NoPixel chat here…