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North Carolina Roleplay is a vMenu based FiveM server. We are based on the state North Carolina but we use GTA locations. At North Carolina Roleplay we are more than just a roleplay server and a community… We are a family. North Carolina Roleplay was built with love and care. We built it around the civilians and the everyday people that join our server. We have spent many hours making this community the best it can be. We are looking for all positions and if you wish to try the server out as a cop before you apply you can become one of our amazing public officers.

What makes us unique:

What Makes Us Unique is the amount of effort we put in. We have put in countless hours to put this server on its feet. We have also spent our own money to give you guys the best experience we can give. We also have over 200+ cars to explore and figure out which one fits your character. We make it a priority to welcome everyone in with open arms no matter what and we treat everyone the same. We give you guys unlimited opportunities and if you run out (which you won’t) we are always open to ideas.

Here are a few things we offer:

  1. 200+ Custom Cars
  2. Custom EUP
  3. Whitelisted Leo&EMS/FIRE
  4. Cad
  5. 60+ Custom Scripts
  6. Multiple departments such as Park Ranger, Fire, EMS, Gruppe6, LSPD, BCSO, NCHP, FAA, Tow, Dispatch, Taxi, Gangs, and News.
  7. We need Heads for departments and members
  8. Active Staff and friendly Staff