NCRP | Allowlisted | 18+ | Hiring DOJ, Mayor, EMS etc | All Welcome!

Nexus City RP
Linking you to the Life you always wanted to live, right here in Los Santos.


favicon Dedicated Development Team - Our Developers have been involved in the FiveM Community since 2017
favicon Professional Staff - Our Staff Team have had a LOT of experience being in the FiveM Community as members of staff in various other Servers, so rest assured that our Friendly Staff will help you with your every need!
favicon We are a strictly RP First server, Everything will be handled in City for the most part. This includes and not limited to: Business Creation & Job Applications.
favicon Welcoming Community. All are welcome in our community and we have ZERO tolerance for any form of Hate Speech.
faviconOur Dedicated Development Team will always be working on further implementations of Activities and Jobs, with an emphasis on bringing the right Balance for Non Crim and Crim Characters.

favicon Community Ran City - Laws, Businesses, Fines ran by the Elected in City Government
favicon Government System With Voting
favicon Custom Legal Jobs
favicon Custom Illegal Jobs
favicon Gang System
favicon All New GTA Cars - With more custom lore friendly being added.
favicon Racing System
favicon Boosting
favicon Chopping
favicon Custom Drug Production
favicon Countless More

Government Positions Open!

  • Mayor
  • Chief of EMS
  • DOJ
  • COC
  • Lawyer

Ready To Go Businesses

All Businesses must be applied for in City. Speak with the COC for more information.

favicon Burgershot
favicon Up ‘N’ Atom
favicon Hornys
favicon Hayes Autos
favicon Ottos Autos
favicon Vanilla Unicorn
favicon Bahama Mamas
favicon Split Sides Comedy
favicon Yellow Jack
favicon The Dirty Bikers
If you can Think of it and be approved by the COC we will supply you with the required Tools in City for any idea you have!

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Can’t Wait to see you all. Thank you!


Will there be housing?

Sure will be! You’ll be able to Purchase housing from a Realtor. Fully Customisable, And anywhere you want!

Hope you enjoy Furnishing :smiley:

Awesome thanks! cant wait for launch day :partying_face:

Make sure to get your Application in Before Thursday (9th) 11pm EST to have a response before launch!

Are there any positions on PD available?

Sure is! Speak to the Chief of PD in City :smiley:

WE ARE LIVE! Join us :slight_smile:


  • Group Tablet Renamed to Activities Tablet - You still need this for Group Jobs! (Tablet will be receiving Various updates as we integrate other activities into it)
  • GOLF! New Activity Added!
  • Added Blip for Scrapyard
  • Fixed PD Cruiser & Taxi Flipping Due to Anti Curb Boost
  • Updated Pay outs for Jobs
  • Fixed Boss Menus
  • Players Will now have to Speak to PD For a Weapons License
  • New Items in Loot Pool
  • New Drugs added
  • Reworked Gas Usage
  • City wide Gas Price change
  • Reworked Speed Cameras
  • Re-Worked the Ejection mechanic
  • Re-Worked LSD Trip
  • Ottos Uniform Added

Chief of PD Getting some Reps in before Duty!
Come test out our Gym with Skills!


  • Added Group Garbage Job! (Can be done solo)
  • Added Butcher Job
  • Pawn Shop now buying Items
  • Vending Machines - Buy your favorite Snacks and Drinks from Vending Machines around the City!
  • Hunting - Zone is now visible on map :slight_smile:

been looking for a new city for awhile. cant wait to try this one out. so much potential!

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Cant wait to see you in city :slight_smile: If you’re looking for a business everything is handled in City in RP, We are not a Pay To Win Server and we are more than willing to create scripts for businesses if you can RP it out As we are open to all Ideas :smiley:


  • Business Vending Machines - Businesses will now have a Vending Machine outside of their store for them to Stock with their products for Civs to purchase when no one is on duty!


  • Various blips have been updated


  • Pool - Pool tables now playable!
  • Bowling - A new Bowling alley has just opened up! (Pick your lane, press E)
  • Darts - Dart Boards now playable! (press E at a dart board to play, press G at the board to clear it of darts)


  • Business Vending now has categories


  • Added new Items to the hardware store :smiley:


  • Spawn Selector - Government Jobs now able to Spawn at their work (LSPD, EMS, etc)
  • Towing - Re-Worked towing sync logic for better syncing across all clients, it is also now just a 1 person job (Only 1 person can be in a Group trying to do Towing)
  • Escort - You can now Escort someone Regardless if they are dead or cuffed (instead of bringing in a carry system we decided to make it possible to escort)
  • Eating, Drinking & Smoking - Times adjusted, May vary
  • Garbage - Various Updates
  • Illegal Activity - One activity got a Re-Work
  • Banking - Immersion update
  • Inventory! - You are now able to Stack items off Different Quality! But if you do so the items of better Quality will decrease to the same quality as the lowest. EXAMPLE: If you stack 20x Steel with quality 99 and 20x Steel with quality 80 you will have a stack of 40 steel with quality 80


  • Pawn Shop - The Pawn Shop has had a MAJOR Overhaul, Our dev team has been working hard to bring you more a immersive experience. Not only did the mechanics get an overhaul, NEW LOCATION
  • FPS - First Person Shooting has had a MAJOR Overhaul to improve handling and performance.