Native SetArtificialLights StateAffectsVehicles not working

Both canary and production client, server version 3874 with infinity and build 2189 enabled.



Vehicles should not be affected by blackout, but they still are. Tried both setting native to true and false.

Could you solve it??

Can confirm this native is working on gamebuild 2060 but not working on gamebuild 2189 (both canary).
On 2060, only the car front lights are lit though.

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I can confirm. This function only works with 2060 and not the latest build.

? Still? When did you last “confirm” this?

If it’s still broken, can you test this works:

Citizen.InvokeNative(0x1268615ACE24D504, state) -- SetArtificialLightsState
Citizen.InvokeNative(0xE2B187C0939B3D32, toggle) -- SetArtificialLightsStateAffectsVehicles

This should be fixed as of: fix(scripting/five): native mapping off-by-one error · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub

Tested today, seems fixed in latest build :slight_smile:

Haven’t got the opportunity to test this again. Right now I have a mix of functions (SetBlackout from vSync) that I need to clean up. But I’m forcing the latest game build instead of the “default” one.

Will come back when finish tidying up.