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NationwideRP is a San Andreas Based LEO and Civilian Life roleplay server with real laws, vehicles, housing, businesses and multiple other amazing things.

NationwideRP was established in May 2021. Our goal as a community was to have realistic roleplay… Here at NWRP everyone is seen as an equal, this is not a hierarchy. Every single idea or thought is considered here in NWRP. Our goal at NWRP is to bring something different to the table. To make people enjoy fivem, so people who work all day can come home and blow off some steam by relaxing and hoppin on, We want to have the best roleplay experience

Come check us out and you wont be dissapointed.

You have to be whitelisted to play, But the training is easy but very advanced.

Actively hiring LEO and FIRE/EMS - Open Supervisory/Leadership Positions Available!

Police & Sheriff have multiple departments/jurisdictions.

(You get to use many different cars and liveries!)

Our Main LEO/EMS Departments:

San Andreas Highway Patrol ( Hiring )

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office ( Hiring )

Los Santos Police Department ( Hiring )

San Andreas Fire Department. ( Hiring )

San Andreas Communications ( Hiring )

Civilian Operations. ( Hiring )

Why Join?

vMenu Framework.

Relaxed Server - Most scenarios are allowed

Custom Realism Scripts for Vehicles & Aircraft

Custom LEO/FIRE Vehicles

Custom EUP made by our Dev Team.

Emote Menu

Easy to follow and flexible guidelines

Friendly staff

Unique custom server features

An Easy to use discord.

Always adding leo Subdivisions

Hopefully this didn’t bore you and you give us a chance, Were the real deal. your missing out by not joining.

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