Narrator Roleplay [18+] | Serious RP | Allowlisted | Custom Gangs | Custom Drugs | Hiring PD/EMS/DOJ

Narrator Roleplay is an 18+ QBCore, serious RP city that also allows for creative Roleplay scenes. Step into a world where every story is waiting to be told. With dedicated servers and a vibrant community, you’ll embark on thrilling adventures, forge unforgettable alliances, and create your own epic tale. Whether you’re a seasoned roleplayer or just starting out, there’s a place for you in our diverse universe. Unleash your imagination and join us on Narrator Roleplay today and enjoy some of the following benefits. What do we have to offer?

  • Guide book for those new to the city!
  • TOS compliant import vehicles! (cars, bikes, etc.)
  • 10+ Civilian Jobs including Electrician, Gruppe 6, Oil Rig job, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities including a Theme park, Beer Pong, Basketball, Air Hockey, and Pool Tables!
  • Cayo Island
  • A staff who listens and is attentive to what the community wants!

Government Jobs:

  • Customized indepth medical script that shows you the damage to your body. Go down in a gunfight? You’ll need treatment at the hospital.
  • Customized Police departments including EUP, Vehicles, Inventory, Evidence, and Weapons. Even arrest NPC’s during down times.
  • We are always looking for more EMS, PD, and DOJ to join our teams.


  • 10+ Jobs to choose from to do with or without friends! Including store & bank robberies, humane labs heist, and oil rig heist!
  • Several different drugs to explore
  • Car chopping
  • Petty crimes like robbing parking meters or vending machines, smash and grab from cars, and more!


  • Have a gang of 5 or more? Join the discord and open a ticket!
  • We have RCore gang turf wars script. You can sell drugs, do crime, and more to take over territory around the city.
  • Official orgs can bring in their custom clothing, MLO, and org vehicle.
  • All orgs will also get a crafting bench at their compound with a select weapon to craft.
  • We currently have 8+ organizations in city from MCs to Crime Families!
  • Currently looking for more MCs, street gangs, cartels & mafias.

So don’t delay, come check out Narrator Roleplay today!


Highly recommend!!! Amazing city and amazing staff!!


What a cool place to be. So much released and in development as we speak. Check us out today!


Honestly one of the best cities i’ve ever been apart of. Great RP, great staff, really well optimized. If you are looking for a forever home, this be it.


best city ive ever joined, updated all the time, a very chill place, community is very welcoming


Complete new Criminal Revamp

Change Log 1.01

Crim Revamp.

What’s New
Vangelico 3 Hittable Locations Now
New Train Heist
New Smugglers Plane Heist
New Yacht Heist
New Union Depository Heist

Parking Meter Robbery
Vending Machine Robbery

New Heist Tier System

This Is Something New Were Gonna To Be Bringing In So Each Robbery You Do May Or May Not Give Items For The Robbery Tier Above It, Its Set From Easiest To The Hardest Tiers (And Yes Better Payouts)

Petty Tier ( Shop Lifting, Smash And Grab And NPC Robbery)
Tier 1 ATM, Store And House Robberies
Tier 2 Jewelry, Fleeca Bank, Bank Truck, Paleto Bank, Gun Store
Tier 3 Smugglers Plane Heist, Train Heist, Big Bank, Humane Labs Heist
Tier 4 Heist lvl Oil Rig, Yacht Heist , Union Depository Heist


Black-market Overhaul

All Black Markets Have Been Relocated And Will Now Use Dirty Money (Reason We Want Everyone To Be On The Same Level For This Revamp On Crim Side)

A New Black Market Has Been Added Into The City (Oh This One Rotates Around Every Storm, This Has Something Very Needed In It)

Crafting Changes

Weapon Blueprints Have Been Added And Will Be Needed To Craft “Items” (Reason We Feel With The Amount Of Gun Flow Without A Risk We Added These To Make Gun Trading More Valuable)

All Crafting Bench’s Have Been Relocated As Well.

Drugs Update (In Progress)

Moved The Picking Locations For Some Drugs Around The Great State Of San Andreas

Tagging Update

Spray Cans Has Been Removed From The Store And Now Have Been Moved To A Tier 2 Gang Perk (Crafting) As This Works With The Gang Script For Many Things

Weapon Sling Update

Watch What You Carry Around Now…

Oh One More Thing…

Check your surroundings because you might not always be alone :face_with_monocle:

Changes Will Be Made If Needed For A Better Experience

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Civilian Revamp coming soon. Join Narrator Today!

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Shit Admin - Clipped with admin team at work. they refused to change. this isnt personal its just a good example.

As the other post in regards to this server was flagged and removed for whatever reason I’ll throw my two cents in.

My group came into this server approximately 2 months ago and are already gone. From the outside looking in it was a decent place, no pay to win, ToS compliant with decent selection of lore friendly vehicles, and it had people.

Unfortunately that’s where the good stuff ends.

Despite making it past their 2 week probation we never fully got any of the stuff in for the group and was told in tickets that we had never provided info or mentioned problems we had with the things we did receive. (I can forgive most of this as running a server and doing IRL stuff can conflict but the amount of time was just insane, especially as we never were fully set up.)

The hands down worst thing that will kill this server quickly is its staff. I have never been a part of a server that claims to be serious RP but has staff that are so blatant about the use of their staff powers, it will probably get taken down again but there is video evidence of a staff member using their powers to mark themselves as staff, revive themselves, and proceed to kill every non staff person in the scene.

If you actually value RP and do not want to be abused by admins and power gaming PD, don’t come here.

That being said from the conversation I did have with the owner he’s not a bad dude but just has bad staff, if he wants his server to succeed some better staff and tighter control over them is needed.

Going to pre-reference that I don’t often do a review. Typically I review good experiences, and ignore doing a review on bad experience.

Around 500 personal hours invested in Narrator, as well as believed in it so much I un-retired and joined their staff team.
I personally have developed cities, and helped run two. I’ve tended to stick to cities for a year+ even with problems in that city and ride them out the whole time trying to improve the place.
I have around 8k hours in FiveM at this current time and 3k in something similar before that.

Now that background is established.

  • Business system and running businesses is nice its subscription based off tebex which means that people will actually run the business instead of owning it and never opening it
  • Lead Developer is good at Rainbow Six Siege
    *Don’t have to worry about hostile RP, if your not an admin gang and start shooting in any scene its 100k or die so you can just never shoot in city and just be fine for civilian life it is a safe and great environment
  • One fun group is there that provides an event once in awhile a gigantic influx of people for events by bringing all their other chapters into the city to do some fun events. Was fun to see in person.


  • RP feels weird and forced, since everyone hangs out in voice comms out of city so if you’ve ever watched a streaming service where the stream has ads in the middle, that gives you the idea, they either have to deafen themselves to hear you, or you hear bleedthrough their voicebox the discord behind them.
  • This also gives the feeling of meta gaming possible, albeit hostile RP is not often in city
  • Member of my group purchased a ymap for real money, then they took it out, due to crashes that was experienced then replaced with another ymap which was also taken out. Instead of offering a refund or something on the nature they offered a shell home (Something that is purchased by their standards with in city cash)
    *Constant crashes and bad optimization, Resmon went well above 2-6 depending on scripts that were running, and the servers optimization in city near legion areas was tending to bog down FPS heavily and stutter/lockups. This may also be bandwidth of host server and not their fault its hard to tell.
    *They put in ymaps no one owns in hopes to sell them.
  • Hostile RP of all kinds is looked unfavorable and even when done well tends to become a ticket
  • Non-hostile RP with their police force is usually ruined by the active police members not really wanting to RP with you. Not sure what they want to have a fun time but it wasn’t any fun scenes we tried. We went from shoplifting drunk and passing out at the drivers seat, to construction workers looking to fix a gas main and clear out housing in the cultesac. All were met with a kind of “Why are we not just shooting instead of RPIng vibe”
  • Admins have abused their powers for sure, As a staff I’ve witness them reimburse themselves for losing items in a war because the people they were at war with left upset that admins were reviving themselves
    *Admins used outside voice comms to setup an ambush on gangs (gang that left before us started taking turf, and they all logged into city to combat it, which would be meta)
  • I’ve watched multiple gangs leave in the short time period we were there, 2-3 weeks. When expressed concerns in their gang meeting they think they have a million applicant gangs so they don’t see a concern. Problem with this mentality is, those gangs never see to full term because it takes so long to just get the basics available to make it feel like a home.
    *Admins are in charge of gangs, and they try to control all aspects of RP, They have admins join your gang discord and have admin in it. Those admins run high command in PD and there is no checks and balance for them not to meta game. Same staff were seen in scene described above reviving themselves to mow everyone down.
    *Staff didn’t setup our business correctly with a boss menu so we had someone who ran it before us that we couldn’t see employed stealing materials from us that we grinded for 2-3 weeks straight
    Eventually they refunded some of the stuff but didn’t punish the individuals clearly taking advantage of this.

Albeit I wish for everyone to change, the owner seems fairly busy IRL and seems awesome it doesn’t change the experience you receive trying to make this a home. I do hope for you to enjoy your time there if you choose to get it and have a better experience than we did.