Narcasistic, Corrupt down right disrespectful towards former staff and OG members

Nothing much has changed from ThunderGamerZ449’s review, the way Former staff members/OG members are treated is nasty, you automatically become a huge target to be removed and or forced out… Player/Player targeting and Cyber bullying is allowed and will be pinned on innocent parties which if you are a OG member you dont have a chance or say to voice your side of anything.

Narcasism wise you are all expected to be mindless drones and will get punished or yelled at for being the slightest creative … on the corrupt side of things … if you report a faverite child member then you instantly get screwwed over … Current Fave Child/ Problem Members : Belko, Cosmic, Bambi, William … plus a few more my own personal recommendation is to avoid any RP with them or even communicating with them as these few named are the ones who can get you thrown out on your ass.

Whitelist Depts are run with favertism and or Corruption… if they dont like you your out and blacklisted.

Once again The servers community is the only thing keeping it alive … ish, still the remaining handful of OGs and decent members hate and dont like how staff and owners handle situations, again still scared to stand up and fight against it scince it goes against the Staff teams views and will get you a Community Blacklist ( yes i got Community Blacklisted over a bunch of false reports ). Even then, the server has maybe 2-3 people that will actually sit, listen and care about you! This servers full of Shitlords and bad apples, which always reports to false reports being made with NULL evidence, alerting staff to you having opinions (even if they are externally mentioned), Former Staff Member Thunder even stated before leaving Nothing can save this server theres no two ways about it …

Overall I would highly recommend finding another community/server to join!


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