[NA/EU] Project San Andreas | vMenu | Serious RP | Custom Cars | Professional LEO’s

Project San Andreas

Server about
Welcome to Project San Andreas, a free to play vMenu server with custom civilian cars, law enforcement vehicles, and fire department. We have custom EUP to fit your needs and many more things to come. We are still in our “development stage” but welcome everyone to join and we are just about set up for roleplay. As you can tell by the server title, we are a lore based, San Andreas server! We welcome anyone over the age of 16 to join our server.

**What can we offer?“”
+16 Age Requirement

  • Custom Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom Law Enforcement Cars
  • Custom EUP for all
  • Custom Houses/YMAPS
  • Realistic Roleplay
  • Daily Roleplay

Department of Public Safety

  • San Andreas State Police ( SASP )
  • Los Santos Police Department ( LSPD )
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office ( BCSO )
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue ( SAFR )
  • San Andreas Communications Department ( Dispatch )
  • San Andreas Department of Transportation ( SADOT )

As staff in Project San Andreas, our main goal is to help everyone around here and make this server more fun for all. At this time of posting, we are open for staff as we are in need. Requirements are 16+, experience, maturity, and we need to know about your past servers and such. Must be apart of our Discord to apply.

Invite Link