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Bumping this! Server has had a huge update offering a lot more to civilians. Tons of addon eup (over 1000 items), emotes (over 500) and vehicles (over 900). Come check it out! Discord.gg/vcrp

Ventura County RolePlay

  • Where convenience of vMenu meets the functionality of Economy.

VCRP was established in 2021 and we have gained over 1800+ members in our short time. We have had set backs, as is expected with any community, and lost our initial player count. We went down to 500 members due to staff members account being hacked. We have since bounced back to over 1,200 members in 3 months! We don’t hide our mistakes however we acknowledge and learn from them. Our discord and server security has been improved since to ensure a safe, dependable and welcoming enviroment for all.

VCRP prides itself on having an active and mature staff team. We believe our staff are there to help guide players first and uphold rules as needed. We are actively looking for other like minded and mature members to join our team.

Ventura County RP is based off of Ventura County, California. We have a police department, sheriff’s office, highway patrol, fire department, transportation/department of transportation and federal aviation administration. We are also looking to grow that list to include dispatch and game warden’s.

Our police department is based of the Los Angeles Police Department. We have over 100+ custom uniform items and over 24+ custom vehicles! Los Angeles Police Department or “LAPD” for short also offers four subdivisions besides patrol. The department is great for those who like to be in the city, have a strict sense of discipline and recognition for the work they put in.

The sheriff’s office is based off the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office or “VCSO” for short. VCSO is for members who enjoy working in the county and having a unique experience with our civilian members. They offer over 36 custom cars, a helicopter and motorcycle. They offer over 5+ subdivisions in addition to patrol. The sheriff’s office is also responsible for boating, fishing and hunting in the county limits.

Highway Patrol is based of California Highway Patrol. This iconic department has over 150 custom clothes and 38+ vehicles. They offer investigations, marine unit, traffic enforcement, SRT, K9 and Air division. The Highway Patrol is for our more serious and experience law enforcement/rp officers. The department is currently home to several real life veterans, active duty military and law enforcement.

Our fire department has the most unique and adverse collection of vehicles. They have 3 helicopters for multi purpose operations including mountain rescue (working basket), medical ground and water transportation and fire attack operations. The department also has access to one wild fire aircraft. CALFIRE also includes over 4 ambulances with multiple liveries, 3 fly vehicles, 3 engines, 2 tankers, 2 ladder trucks, 2 rescues, 2 tankers and 1 mountain rescue/offroad UTV. The department has multiple in game resources to help accomplish their tasks. Custom fire script, fire hoses, aerial firefighting, rescue baskets, addon stretchers, fire tools, throw bags and pagers.

CALTRANS offers a custom script allowing for impounding and towing of vehicles. They are also responsible for train track inspections, roadway construction, airport ground inspection and help facilitate our current FAA program.

To help our departments and civilians having deeper engagements, we utilize Sonoran Cad. All of our players, both public and whitelisted, are automatically set up in the CAD upon their character creation with accurate information relating to their character. Any vehicle obtained legally is also registered in our cad system. Our system hosts nearly 200 penal codes with more being added routinely to help have a more realistic experience throughout gameplay.

Our civilians are the bread and butter of our community!
We have over 900+ unique and custom vehicles with plans to add an additional 600 in the near future. We currently have over 1000 + custom rims to modify your vehicle and make it your own. Civilian jobs include: mechanic, hunting guide, fishing guide, mining, restaurant chef, security, bank teller, car dealer and any other job you can think of! When it comes to criminal roleplay, there is numerous in game tools to help you become the criminal mastermind you were born to be! Some of these include finding gun blueprints for crafting 1/1 guns, scratching off serial numbers and black markets (yes plural) for starters. Civilians can also rob banks, police chases, knock out power grids, rob stores, steal vehicles, recycle vehicles, steal street signs and pawn items. Our whitelisted civilians are also provided the opprotunity to own their own house. Houses in game are not just for aesthetic or passive RP. They offer the ability to be decorated, server as a stache, change wardrobes and switch your characters without having to relog.

Our goal is to offer the best of both worlds with vMenu and Economy. Therefor there is no grind for money. You simply just have to play, find the items, “buy” your car (everything in game costs $0.00) and enjoy your time.

There is so many more things that could be said to show just how unique our server truly is. However to truly find out, why don’t you come check us out! discord.gg/vcrp

Below is a show case of some in game functionality and aesthetics.

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Bumping, we are looking for active members with nothing but opprotunity and advancement available!!

just so you know, CAL FIRE does not stand for California Fire/Rescue, it stands for California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (they can be contracted with a county, however, this is not the case in Ventura County [for example; CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department]). Most counties/cities/towns in California have their own departments, and Ventura County has the Ventura County Fire Department.


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Hi Outlaw,

We are aware of CALFIRE roles and responsibility in real life. When we initially were starting up our server a year and a half ago, we were trying to decide which fire department we wanted to use. We did not want to have multiple fire departments in the server, especially as a start-up. We also did not like the current look of the Ventura County Fire Department IRL. So, we took a large liberty with using the name CALFIRE for our server’s fire/ambulance needs. Over time we have continued to use the name and extend that liberty onto the fire department skins. You will notice the vehicles do not all match the CALFIRE real life variant scheme.

I hope this helps to provide some clarity.
Thank you

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Great Server, very professional community staff and community members. Departments remain professional and maintain their standards, greatest community in a while that I’ve found.

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Come and check us out!


W server

Great Server! Been here almost a year now, no complaints!

Thanks for your feedback smalls!

patrols daily!

fast growing community with active players