myClothesshop - with Torso bug prevention, EUP support, NPCs and new Design (PAID)


ich sende dir mal eine PM für weiteren Support.
Ich denke das müsste ich mir anschauen. Dort wurde eindeutig irgendwas nicht korrekt konfiguriert.

Beste Grüße


all problems are caused, because you don’t have both NaiveUI versions installed. There is absolutely no problem about starting both. They can work together without any trouble.

I’ll send you DM, so we can communicate a bit faster.

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Simple but just what i needed, as with your other Scripts.
Straight to the Point, nothing fancy, but simple does the job perfectly.

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Hey, I love your script. It’s very easy to add / remove things from the stores and the arm / torso matching is very well done. I am not very familiar with NativeUI, how do I make it so the first item in the list is what is highlighted when the menu is loaded? for me its always the very last item.

How do you change the position of the camera?

Habe dir mal eine PM geschickt bezüglich Kauf deiner scripts und paar fragen.