myClothesshop - with Torso bug prevention, EUP support, NPCs and new Design (PAID)

Hey, of course you can add vests in the Config.
I’ve posted a snippet for those some messages above this post in this topic :slight_smile:
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I must be blind. not sure how I missed that.
I added the snippet in as you posted but now I get this in the console and the shop wont open.

EDIT: I found the error, was a typo in the snippet you posted “bloackedParts” changed to “blockedParts”

Now if I can figure out an easy way to not have the NPC spawn for a shop I add for Police to change clothes in the mission row locker room I will be all set I think.

None of the clothes are saving every time someone relogs they go back to the clothes they had before i put this script in


this happens when you enabled useESXClothesData and useMyClothesAPI in the Config. You have to set the one, you won’t use to false, then it works.

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Hey i have a quick question, does this script support dpclothing? I mean the accessories part, since i assume you are not using the same triggers (esx_accessories:save)


to support dpclothes and so on I trigger the ESX:accessoires events also in this Script :slight_smile:

Oh and are you planning to be able to save outfits? Idk if you can now

Hey, of course you can already save and access saved Outfits in the Clothesshop. This was a big update some months ago :slight_smile:

when should i use the api bc as of now i switched it to esx option and the clothes still arent saving

When it doesn’t saves , I guess you still have useMyClothesAPI activated. Be sure to deactivate this, when you enable ESX storage.

Hi !
I am coming to you today because I have a problem. It is indicated that we can save our outfits once the outfit has been created.
However, when I perform the action I don’t have an outfit save window showing up. For that I followed the indications which you indicated above, I tried to understand and test, but it still does not work.
Can you help me ?

I am under esx,
I have your myClothesshop and myClothesshopAPI script.
In the esx_myClothesshop \ config.lua folder, I put the config.useMyClothesAPI = false
In the server.cfg, I have both scripts activated.

Hope my information will be useful for you to help me.
By the way, I’m French, I apologize in advance for the little vocabulary I have (Google Translate) and my not very good understanding.

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when you disable the myClothesAPI, which is completely fine, then you have to enable the useESXStorage. When both aren’t enabled, nothing is saved.

Im aso having an issue wiht getting the clothes to save even tho i have the api disabled and the esx enabled i even tried the other way around clothes are always gone when players relog

@Luiiis I purchased this script recently, but when I tried testing it, it never worked. Everything shows up as ‘nil’ and does not work. Please help.


never had a problem like this. Could imagine you’re using a modifed skinchanger or similar :thinking:
I’ll also send you a PM.

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Awesome scripts and awesome support!

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Updated myClothesAPI - 09.07.2021

  • The optimized myClothesAPI especially for Multichar support is now ready for the ESX 1.2 or higher (Here you go @BlueSky)
    → Set useNewESX to true in the server.lua of the myClothesAPI

Does this support LemonUI instead of NativeUI?

Habe ein Problem bei dem Script, und zwar wenn ich die API mit verwende und die SQL einspeichere passiert folgendes:

  • Beim Abspeichern von Kleidung wird diese 5 Mal angelegt obwohl nur 1 Mal Abgespeichert

Zweites Problem:

  • Wenn ich mich einkleide habe ich danach keine Haare mehr auf dem Kopf gleiches gilt für den HATer Store dort verschwinden ebenfalls einige dinge beim erstellen von Accesioires…

Bitte um Hilfe

Hello @Luiiis
I recently bought a few bundles from you and i’m facing some issues :

List of bundles bought :
-myCharcreator + myMultiChar (the bundler for character creation)
-Enhanced Barbershop + myClothesshop (bundle shops)
and finally the bundle myPropoerties + SpawnSelector

I can’t get anything to work even after reading ALL “ReadME” files

  1. I tried to use myProperties (which requires NativeUI) and myClotheesshop (which requires NativeUI-Reloaded) and I can’t keep both of NativeUI activated…

  2. Same thing for the MultiChar creator

  3. So far, I tried, to use myCardealer and try to bought a vehicle for myself but it didn’t work and i’m not sure if it’s possible… Maybe it’s only for the player who is nearest the computer (for online I mean and not local)

4.The only things that seems to work so far are : The Barber, and myDJ.

Could you please help me go trough all of this ?
It would be very kind of you.

Have a good day and thank’s for your amazing work ! All of your scripts looks awsome but they would be REALLY awsome if I managed to make them work :wink: