myClothesshop - with Torso bug prevention, EUP support, NPCs and new Design (PAID)

Hey, of course you can add vests in the Config.
I’ve posted a snippet for those some messages above this post in this topic :slight_smile:
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I must be blind. not sure how I missed that.
I added the snippet in as you posted but now I get this in the console and the shop wont open.

EDIT: I found the error, was a typo in the snippet you posted “bloackedParts” changed to “blockedParts”

Now if I can figure out an easy way to not have the NPC spawn for a shop I add for Police to change clothes in the mission row locker room I will be all set I think.

None of the clothes are saving every time someone relogs they go back to the clothes they had before i put this script in