myCardealer - A cardealer job script with showrooms, order-management, test-drives and much more

How do I do this exactly? Don’t know me that well.

What is the export we should use to make this compatible with esx_ ambulance job for purchasing job vehicles?

the company deposits funds, the funds are still 0

This looks awesome. Will it also work with VRP framework?

At the moment the script is only suited for ESX.
But basically the code is completely free to edit, so you could change everything to VRP, when you know what you have to do

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And it also doesnt safe the vehicle to the player. I also dont see a owned_vehicle sql

Then check the purchase event. When you use a special vehicle shop this have to be modified. By default there is a esx-vehicleshop event.

is there qbcore version

Right now, there is no Qbus version, sorry