My thoughts so far

I just downloaded this and used it tonight, FiveM has a long way to go, can’t even disconnect from servers without restarting the whole game for now. It has something that GTA:O will never have again though, potential.

This mod gives GTA V imagination and a true gaming experience, even though its not very stable, I think I can grind through it to the end. I can see a bright future for it easily because already there has been a ton of work put into it. The thing that sells me the most, is how easy it is to download and use, its very organized and I am excited to see it grow into something magnificent.

I wish to help this mod by submitting my bug reports and pointing out possible holes that hackers can use to mod on servers which don’t allow modding.

Thanks for the appreciation! You can post your bug reports in the ‘Bug reports’ section, and suggestions go in the Feature Requests section.

It’s good to see someone appreciate the modification for once rather than just asking for help or complaining how unfinished it is. :snail:

We all appreciate the mod, not everyone shows the love though :smile: :heart:

Oh please, this isn’t NEARLY as unstable as when I first played FiveM back before the cease and desists. 'Twas truly a crash fest. I think everyone loves FiveM in their own way, to me it’s the fact that I can actually walk around and interact with people, who won’t shoot me the first chance they get. This has more of a sense of community than GTA Online ever will, in my opinion. But yeah, stupid long message that is pointless to this conversation aside, I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time in FiveM than I spent on GTA:Online pre-ban.

One thing I like about it is how fast it is to enter a server but I agree though it has potential and hopefully the Mod can improve it self much more.

Huh, nice community too, this just gets better. I didn’t really get banned from Online, heck, I even used to be a hacker because it just wasn’t fun without hacks. I kept searching for alternatives and I was disappointed to see this mod downed a long time ago, there was another alternative but it just didn’t work very well.

I was glad to hear that FiveM was being revived and it wasn’t till recently I finally caught wind of FiveReborn. I wanted to try it, and boy, the surprise this gave me! After an hour of having good fun, I signed up and started to talk about it immediately. I am gonna try and get my friends on it, I think they would have good fun with it if they can get over it’s current flaws hehe.

So far, my favorite thing, is that the need to hack is completely gone. The server side scripts and client side modding makes it so you can truly take on unique RP roles, which satisfies my every want from GTA V, just that alone.