My server isnt showing in list

my friends are in my server but i cant join cause i dont see my own server name in the list what can i do

A friend of mine had a similar issue to this when he was home-hosting a server as well. For some reason when home-hosting a server, the host of the server is unable to see their own server in the server list. Though I do not know a fix for this issue in particular, I have a recommendation for you and your friends if you all want to play together on a server. You should research and look into possible renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) to host your server on. Doing this will allow for a stable platform for your server to be hosted on, and you and all of your friends can play on it with no issues. Depending on what your needs for a server are, you can get either a VPS or a VDS for relatively cheap; if its just for you and your friends to play on, it won’t be too expensive. I personally run my server on a rented VDS, and am very happy with it.

This is the only workaround for this issue that I know of at the moment, I hope I could share some insight on your issue and give you some more information.

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Did you set ‘announce’ to true? Did you forwarded the port 30120 UDP and TCP? Did you allow it through your firewall?

@Boss If his friends are able to join the server with no issues, his ports would have to forwarded correctly and there would not be any issues with his firewall. I do not believe this to be the issue in this case.

@Boss i did that but no change and is there a way to stop the windowed mode and make it start up in fullscreen

Excuse me, I didn’t read it correctly. Did you try joining through direct connect?

  1. Open up your client
  2. Click the settings wheels on the top right
  3. Fill in either or 192.168.X.X
  4. Connect.

@Boss said in my server isnt showing in list:

it worked thanks