My server is so easy to lag or down against DDOS Attack

I paid a lot for an good anti ddos dedicated server. The company actually did a good job, and lowered a lot of ddos traffic even I am getting layer 7 attack. However, my server is poping “server thread hitch warning” everytime I get DDOS ATTack, and everyone in my server will laggy as hell. The traffic is very low (Less than thresholds), 200 packets per seconds. I am hosting Fivem with windows. I need help ASAP!!! More than 100 players are waiting for my server.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6
  • 32GB DDR4
  • 2 x 960GB SSD
  • 100Gbps Attack Filtering
  • 60 Million PPS
  • 20 TB Bandwidth

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Most of the time people claim DDOS when they’re servers lagging. 99% sure someone is not DDOSing your server or let alone DOSing, typically people do this to high valued targets like banks, and popular websites, not your FiveM server.

See this article on Hitch Warnings, most likely a resource

I got a network monitor (screen), mostly everyday the same time around 18:00-01:00, tons of ip connected to my server . This picture was only 1/10 of the ip . But the customer service staff keep telling that I got low traffic. My server works perfectly fine when just I changed the port. And usually after I posted the ip in my discord (200 users+), I get DDOS. All the players couldn’t load texture, if the customer support set my firewall rule to be strict. I really want to kill this problem. I used OVH before, and got the same thing.

Finally, I got another box from OVH, I’ve setup a lot of server side firewall rules, and used Linux.
Best anti ddos solution ( Layer 7 )

  1. Get a good host (Customizable server firewall) - Recommend OVH
  2. Linux Centos 6
  3. Changed the server to RE USE TIME_WAIT and recycle TIME_WAIT
  4. Close or block all useless port
    OVH will automatically learn from your ddos attack, getting better and better protection.

OVH doesn’t “learn” - it detects, which is only good for stopping general attacks. Once you hit the limits of their mitigation, they’ll do nothing to help you and you’re basically left in the dark, and that usually happens when an application-specific attack gets launched against your box.

If it was a distributed attack the packet rate would be a lot higher, so it’s probably someone with some script to exploit something in FXServer that makes your server consume more resources on the machine, which sounds about right for a Layer 7 attack.

I hope you’re using iptables or something similar on the box itself to close ports since their configurable firewall (via the manager) doesn’t apply to internal traffic iirc.

This just sounds like your server is poorly optimized and can’t handle the number of players you’re running.

We were with OVH for about 6 months and we had a lot of issues, some of which couldn’t be fixed and support took years to reply to tickets since any network-related configuration has to go to their HQ in France. We switched to a different provider that offers more in-depth filtering and we’ve had no issues so far, even better latency for our players than OVH could provide which is a big plus. OVH is not the godlike provider everyone makes it out to be, but it’s still better than most other providers.

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