My police ai script. Meu script de ia policial


Este plugin visa melhorar a inteligencia dos npcs policiais para usar em servidores de roleplay, isso seria bom para manter a ordem mesmo quando os policiais estiverem offline. Pretendo colocar uma configuracao de que quando tiver um policial online, ele ser o comandante da tropa de NPC, para tomas as decisoes de quando atirar ou quando nao atirar.
Ele ainda nao está pronto
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This plugin aims to improve the intelligence of npcs cops to use on roleplay servers, this would be good to maintain order even when the police are offline. I want to put a setup that when you have an online police officer, he’s the commander of the NPC troop, to make the decisions about when to shoot or when not to shoot.
He is not ready yet.

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been trying to make something like this myself

any chance I could test yours out? looks cool!

damn this looks really cool. i’m looking at using AI cops too

oh man i watched the video so many times. i love it.

suggestion. you can put your hands up and the cops arrest you for less punishment

Was that script finally finished ?