My new home!

This server is a little different from others, the inventory looks a little different, the crafting system is a bit different, but not so much that you can’t figure it out pretty fast. And there are no mini games! You want to harvest a plant, no need to press the E between the lines BS. And it’s difficult to make a living! It takes work. When you get $1-2 for a grizzly pelt, money seems more valuable and you worry about it more. There is no fast travel! No /mail to instantly send a message to someone, you have to actually put some effort into it. All these things make it a lot more realistic and fun! As of writing this I only have 7.1 hours, most of that came today. The admins have answered every question I’ve had, and there were a lot, they have also listened to all my suggestions and actually implimented some. It’s a new server so houses are open everywhere! New players are being given a free home, so get in and grab that house you’ve always wanted before someone else takes it.

I’ve played on another server for a while, but was getting tired of the control the owners were asserting. They were setting all prices for all items that a player could sell from their own store so that there was no competition because everyone had the same items at the same price. They took away things that the crim side could do, it got to the point the gangs were just out goldpanning because there was no other way to make money as a criminal. But if you were friends with the admins, you didn’t have to worry about anything.


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