My local fivem server crashed

Server Artifact Version:Newest
Operating System (Windows/Linux):windows
**Error screenshot (if any):

**Crash files (if any):
Uploading: 99bcda18-b9ca-4b35-9583-4a321accbb44-full.dmp…
99bcda18-b9ca-4b35-9583-4a321accbb44.dmp (664.4 KB)
**Server config (server.cfg):
server.cfg (2.7 KB)
Path to server files: C:\Users\spravca\OneDrive\Počítač\FiveMServer
Path to cfx-server-data files: C:\Users\spravca\OneDrive\Počítač\FiveMServer\resources

Describe your issue
What have you tried?

Hello, I tried to create my own fivem server from the video on the YouTube. I check lot of videos, but all time my server.bat when I start it, it crashes. I tried again install all files and visual c++ but it crashed again. Sorry for my bad english and please help.

First of all, select the good category’s. Not RedM server development but FiveM server development. Try to follow this guide, video’s may be outdated: Setting up a server - Docs.

I tried another video, and he opened FXServer.exe and he needed to login on the internet. I opened FXServer.exe and wrote me this:

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