My Game Wont Launch

So when I start the FiveReborn thing it says it downloads/updating the certain files idk. But anyways after it does that the game never loads. And I need some help.

this is happening to me to going to clean out my cache folder to see if it fixes it

Do you get Any error messages?

well since me and him have the same problem no errors just the game dose its thing and then after that nothing

that’s weird, i haven’t had the issue but i will defintitely let you know if i find a fix

I’m having the same issue and every time I try to launch the FiveM client, it updates and still does nothing. I even reinstalled the client

Same here, Reinstalled gta 3 times this evening cleared cache, reinstalled fivem 4 times. no fix found from me

Remove ScripthookV.dll from your GTA 5 Directory.


Did anyone found out how to fix it

I am having this issue, anyone find anything?

Same Issue Help!! I dont know what to do.