My FiveM Server is not listed

Hey Guys,
I have a big Problem!

If I search my server in the server list, I won’t find it there!

Under Direct Connect I can connect and it’s all normal, but the server is not Listed in Server-List

Please Help me!

My Server.cfg:server.cfg (6.4 KB)

have you port forwarded, try to send your ip to a friend whit fivem and after you have connected, try to see if he cant connect, you havent portforwarded right
edit:after a server restart, you need to direct connect and then if everything is right it should be visible (atleast i had to when i homehosted my server)

My Friends can connect to my Server but is not listed

Do you see heartbeats going out? also is port 30110 open outbound?

yes in the console i see it

Are you hosting it on the same PC ur playing on?
If so the reason ur not seeing it is because its trying to check ur EXTERNAL IP, whilist that being urself so it wont resolve.

no its a vps server

I had the same problem. It eventually popped up on the list but it said I had to update my binaries. Download the newest artifacts here:

I tried this, but it still doesn’t work out :confused: