My FiveM Journey

I first started playing FiveM at the start of 2017. This is when I just first received my new $700 shitbox PC… I mean we all start somewhere. I remember my first day like it was played over and over. I first started messing around on random servers and I would roleplay as a civilian. I was familiar with discord at this time since I used my iMac to game before so I joined some discords for servers and wanted to apply to become a cop! One server really stuck out to me, Justice Community Roleplay. I joined the discord and at the time there was only around like 90-100 members. I remember being join position 70 because there was a bot to check it. I went to the Leo discord page and clicked on the google form to apply. I finally got setup and @baker took a while to train me but I eventually got it. The first person I really likes in this server was @sesci , he joined shortly after me. I also got close with @Yeezus and @AaronBurr but ya know time moves on and @Yeezus left me here to drown with Aaron(im kidding lol). On a serious note, JCRP was like home. I came home from school, hopped on my computer and I was in my happy place. My 2 years at the server were the best. I only got senior admin(fuck you aaron) but it’s alright. I’m only kidding, im blessed to be able to say I had that positon. Later down the road, @JHodgson1joined and he seemed pretty chill. Me and him used to fight a lot but we somewhat handled it and I don’t really mind him too much anymore. :slight_smile:

FiveM really didn’t like us at the time because they think we broke TOS, which I still don’t think we did… but its alright mistakes happen because shortly after that we got unblacklisted. I will never forget the 2 years at JCRP because it was amazing. Even the ups and the downs were amazing. I still know a few people from there that are still really active on FiveM. Of course Aaron is, that kid doesn’t stop. He is like the Elon Musk of FiveM. He works hard and deserves the server he has. I know @matthew is doing well and co-owns JCRP again. I forgot to mention him earlier but he was on of the first people I rp’ed with on JCRP when I first joined. So yeh my FiveM journey has been straight JCRP but I left that about a year ago and moving on to explore new things but I will never forget that journey and the people in it.

Thank you for all the memories and I will continue to make more.

                                                                                          - Harmless