My experience

Had a great time for the few days I played. People were extremely nice and welcoming, events were both halarious and original, and the businesses functioned as you’d expect. However, I was kicked from the server because one of the members claimed “sexual harrassment” for something that very clearly was NOT. The staff team pulled me into a discord and fired off accusations without listening for my side of the story. They had no recording and no context and yet still demonized me instantaneously. It is very appearant that the staff team and the administration does not care for anything except for their friends rediculous feelings. Which, I will add, are outlandish and dissociative. I am very quite sorry that the nice people I met are lumped into this but it seems that if you are to roleplay on this server, you cannot say or do anything that goes against the people that matter on this server. You will mean nothing. You will be a sidecharacter in their story. Sorry

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