My Experience in Moonlight County

Although my profile only states 31.2 hours, I’ve played well over 150 hours on this server without a proper CFX profile, across multiple in-game characters.

At the beginning of playing the server, all was well for a few months of playing until very recently. The East and the West had always been sort of split, never put together… and the people in the West disliked the people in the East for their attempt on monopolizing businesses and being overall bullies to others, outright rude most of the time, and how they carried themselves in roleplay. Soon enough, the server’s administration team got involved, and the administration sided with the bullies in the East, even with evidence against those players, which had caused most of the West and it’s players to leave this server, causing the server to go from having 17+ players nightly, to somewhere under 8.

If you are an enjoyer of bullying, or love harassing others until their breaking point OOC, then this is the server for you! Enjoy!

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