My discord appears on my friends pc or vice versa

I don’t know if any of you have experienced this but my friend and I played at his house one day under the same wifi. Since then his discord shows up on and off on my fivem while mine on his or vice versa. We both tried to join the same servers and many times we get kicked for having 2 pcs under the same discord.
We’ve been struggling to figure out how we can resolve this. We also purchased a supporter role on a server and both purchases went to my account only. Anyone have any idea how to remove my data from his pc? Im assuming because we played under the same wifi or ip adress, it continues to show up.

I don’t know specifically, but I’ll give you some general ideas.
Clearing your cache is usually the first thing I advise. Since your Discord settings in your FiveM configuration, you may try on linking the Discord account in your configuration settings. The last option, I would say reinstalling FiveM and relinking your accounts may do the trick as well.

I had a similar problem last year when I let a friend borrow my laptop to play on his account. Even though he logged in to his Steam and his FiveM, it showed up on mine as well.