My Client shuts down automatically evertime i go to boot it and it gets to the custom loading screen

Latest updates
All my client and server is up to date
Legit copy
Steam Version
Windows 10 64-bit
There is no error the client just closes
GTA V Folder ScreenShot:

FiveReborn Folder ScreenShot:

My Log:

.DMP files: I have no clue what that is

I have tried verfing my game cache i have tried downloading another client i have tried creating another cache and deleting my old one i have tried restarting my pc i also added most of the log that looked weird to me and the end of the log
Thank You, someone please help :frowning:

There are mods in your GTA V folder. Make sure you have a clean GTA V installation.

alright ill try to install it overnight

Still the same it still shuts down everytime i boot this is a clean install

New screenshots?

@Boss yea I’ll send them when I get home


Thats almost most of my Log Ill show you my gta files too:

There is still mods in your GTA V.

@Boss how do i remove them that is a brand new install

check your entire GTA V folder for any mods

@KrizFrost i dont know what other mods are