make ur music be able to turn off. it sucks. it’s so annoying it’s annoying me so much. why didn’t u think of that. so dumb

What ‘music’?

3 Problems;

  1. You’re illiterate.
  2. Maybe the world doesn’t revolve around you.
  3. If you had half a brain and considered looking around with FiveM open you’d see something called “settings”, if you want the meaning of “settings” I can get you that link.

So with that cleared and I guess you’ll need baby steps, below is a tutorial on how you can turn off “their” music.

  • Open FiveM.exe
  • Click the cog wheel on the very top right, hard to miss
  • Scroll down to the very very bottom, remember scroll down NOT up
  • “Main Menu Audio”, click that little checkbox and watch some magic unfold.

i love it :joy: