[Mumble] Mumble Get Voice Channel From ServerId incorrect

Hello, want to report something that break pma-voice but seems to be related to FiveM/Mumble.

Informations :

  • 1. Canary : Tested with both
  • 2. FXServer version : Linux 4973
  • 2. b) Distant mumble server : Yes - Linux 4973 - Empty server
  • 3. Category of bug : Mumble - Using pma-voice dev version
  • 3. Issue #1 :
    .a) Player 3 has been set in the channel 3 using NetworkSetVoiceChannel(3)
    .b) MumbleGetVoiceChannelFromServerId(3) does return 3
    .c) Connecting on the same mumble using the external application, show that player 3 is actually in the root channel, so “MumbleGetVoiceChannelFromServerId” said the wrong information and break pma-voice logic.
  • 4. Issue #2 : using pma-voice with 2 players connected and on the same area
    .a) Player 3 is set in the channel 3 using NetworkSetVoiceChannel(3)
    .b) Player 3 can be heard both in game and in the mumble client channel 3 (checked using an external mumble client)
    .c) Randomly (i can’t find a repro i’m so sorry), nothing triggered by script, Player 3 can’t be heard anymore either in game or on the mumble client, though he is still in the right channel.
    .d) Randomly again, after waiting a little bit, the “mumbleConnected” get called and the pma-voice do is magic to restart the logic and set again in the right channel. What’s even weireder is that “mumbleDisconnected” wasn’t called. It seems like there is a weird mumble interruption.

Thanks for reading, i’ll do my best to add more infos though it’s really hard to do because i never faced the issue myself, but some friends of mine does have it every now and then, though i can’t find a reason why they would and i wouldn’t.

Where’s the reproduction steps?

As i said in the post i’m so sorry but i’m trying everyday but can’t find any repro steps, it’s really hard, even more when i do not face the issue at all but some players have it every 2min or so.

It’s been here since a moment now, a lot of people are complaining but no one give any infos, this post is going to be use to find a solution all together.

For this one I assume that player with server ID 3 is the player you’re trying to get state from, correct?

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Yes, Exactly

Did some test again and yes the same players that does always face the issue have like an interruption where it disconnect and reconnect.
It goes through the : mumbleDisconnected and mumbleConnected event, so 100% there is something that disconnect people from the mumble.

New info :
When the player get the issue where people don’t hear him anymore, it print in his own console (when using developer 1 and canary) : UV loop: mumble/ connecting failed: operation canceled

Seems like ‘the player’ has a bad network connection that drops random open TCP streams or so? :roll_eyes:

The thing is, it happens every min for those players affected by the issue and some have really good and stable network connection with fiber. I could ask them to do something, what would be usefull ? Using wireshark or a trace i really dont know how to provide more infos.