Mumble Channel Listeners

Mumble 1.4 seems to support ‘channel listeners’, why are these not supported in FiveM??? Being in multiple channels at once would be nice.

Funnily enough, this was added to canary yesterday

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As far as you know is it possible to add a channel listener to a channel that doesn’t exist yet?

how would u listen to a channel that doesnt exist “yet” cant u create it beforehand? then append a listner?

As far as i know the only native to create mumble channel is server sided and makes them permanent, since I use a grid system I can’t afford creating thousands of channels, the alternative is NetworkSetVoiceChannel, but that only creates a channel if it doesn’t exists yet and deletes it when its empty. I was hoping the channel listener would solve the issue we currently have with voice targets

Read the documentation for the native - it will listen once available.


ah, I see, maybe take a look at frazzle code, as he uses grids as well, sorry if my answer is stupid, but I haven’t messed around too much with mumble yet.

Thanks, thats all I need <3

Frazzle uses a grid system but from what i’ve read he ‘only’ has 500 grids and thats because the channels are created permanently and Murmur starts breaking down if there are more than 1000 channels. Having static channels kinda defeats the purpose of a grid system imo, but i guess it really depends on how many players a server has. From what I’ve seen NP’s mumble implementation is grid based too, but it has more than 5000 channels so they took a different approach.

I am creating channel 123 and trying to set player for listening this channel. However he stays in channel 0. I am using Canary and latest server artifacts. Here the code:

Could someone guide me if I am doing something wrong?

Everything works perfect, issue was on my side!