Multiplayer uniform

Trying to replace textures on the MP_male and MP_female uniforms.

Anyone has any clue how to make this work, can’t really wrap my head around how to achieve this?

As you might know the MP model is split into a ton of resource folders in the DLC.rpf section.

Can anyone lend me a hand in getting this to work, or confirm that it doesn’t work?

just replace the ytds for the specific ped

Tried but, can’t really understand how…

you need to find all the ytds for it most likely and then replace the stuff inside of it with openiv to whatever textures you want save and stream it server sided

Àllright so, I’ve edited the texture files in OIV, and extracted the texture library and the model file itself from it, i just don’t get where to put it?

stream the files just like you stream the cars

Alright, talk to me like I am retarded, would this be the exact same thing?

Hy, Nobody know what is the uniform for medic Pls ? on Multiplayer Ped