Multiplayer Postman Job [ESX & QBCore] [PAID]

Script for letter carrier without limits! Collect letters from every mailbox on the map! Gather a team of friends, and work in squads of 1-4 people to earn more and faster!

From one mailbox, you can take letters once every 45 minutes (you can change this in the config), so hurry up and find hard-to-reach mailboxes to earn more!

Very well optimized! (0.00ms on idle)
You can easy translate whole script to your language!
Script compatible with any clothing system (fivem-appearance, skinchanger, qb-clothing etc…).

Our config files are as always very wide, and here’s most important setting that you can change by our config:

  • Plugging in your own Notification system
  • Hooking up your own Payouts system
  • Hooking up your own car systems (Belts, fuel etc)
  • Choice between third-eye or markers & 3D Text
  • Plugging in your own target system
  • 3D marker settings
  • Ability to block working alone (Forcing players to work in teams)
  • Change company car
  • Changing the Payout
  • All blip settings
  • Job Location

Preview: Youtube
Tebex: Tebex
Our Dev Server: Connect

My Other Works:

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements For QB QBCore
Requirements For ESX Es_extended
Support Yes

Good script!

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The idea for multiplayer jobs is amazing - it is quite expensive though (setting the price like this is of course your right, no blaming from me on this, just pointing it out).
Great work! :slight_smile:

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Concepts are amazing, but the prices are outlandish, ESPECIALLY the 32/month subscription package…

The package contains 4 scripts in itself, the price of $30 is the price of one so job you get 4 scripts for the price of one in the form of a monthly subscription

I can also go to rCore and get a pack of 5 multiplayer jobs for 30bucks TOTAL. Just an example ^

Not trying to degrade your work, as it’s probably very clean honestly, but the price is steep for a few simple jobs.

If you are interested in any of the scripts then get back to us on ticket on discord. The price is what it is, although we often organize contests on our discord, and sales, most recently at -25%. If you want to buy and the price is too high for you, then get back to us, we will try to advise something :smiley:

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Bump :smile_cat: