Mugshot to Base64 Image?

Hey Guys and Gals

Just wondering how many people, or creations are out there, that have created ways of taking the mugshot and successfully used it as a base64 image?

Im going through the motions of it now, as I’m doing a few things and it will be extremely handy to have/make it all the better.

I’m working on it at the moment to write the string as a blob directly to the DB. To then be encoded as its pulled and used by a ui.

But if anyone already has something, or a suggestion, that would be rad.



You’re going to want to use these 2 resources to get the mugshot exported out as an image.

Modified version of screenshot-basic:


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply Chief.

It has definitely put me on the right path.

Rather than it being exported to an external site, I might take the blob avenue within the DB as a raw png. And encode/decode as base64 upon being called by nui.

Ill have a play over the next few days anywho.


No problem, I love the work you’ve released so far so it’s the least I can do to help. Keep up the great work!

Hey did you manage to get that working with the DB ?

Im looking to do the exact same but hitting a brick wall with the db

I’ve been side tracked on getting the core of a new phone done.

I really wanted this to just import contact images.

I haven’t gone too in depth with the testing of it yet.

But there are a few ways that I can see it working.

Storing the image directly as a blob, storing as a direct string in longtext or maybe even encoded in base64 and decode when its pulled.

The best option would be blob… But hey. It’s all trial and error at this point.

Very true and Hope the new phones working out, tried working on something like that and well give up as my coding skill level is pretty minimal imo haha

Anyways hopefully get to see the new phone if you release it public and if I figure the blob out ill let you know :smiley:

is thats screenshot basic support linux server ?

It should but I’ve not tested

Does anyone has the because the link is down thanx in advance

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Same problem here. I check and Mugshot isn’t listened under Jonassvensson’s GitHub Projects either so I’m at a dead end too :confused:

Jonas was kind enough to reply the mugshot will come again online given that he will not answer Questions about screenshot-basic resource since its not his and people wrongfully assume he will support it in any way