Mouse / Camera Bug

Hey I have the problem that I can move the camera as soon as I’m in a UI (the only problem I have is not my scripts) Anyone have an idea why?

It is written poorly but here we go.
You need to specify what causes that, something random or you start some sort of sequence.

If number 1, then you’re looking for js/html that doesn’t disable its content.

If number 2 then you’re looking for SetNuiFocus - FiveM Natives @ Docs

Please, be sure to write correctly and enough information that we know what you are trying to say.
If this doesn’t help then write more info about it or send screenshot here.

Sorry that it was so cumbersome, I did something on our test server a few days ago, and then the problem arose that I always move my camera with the NUI Focus, etc., it’s in all scripts, but I always have it in F8, which is why not related to our server I have already deleted FiveM and Gta including the cache.

Could you please tell me if this happens on every server or just the test one?
This would really help.

If it happens on every server then you need to report the bug to FiveM(you don’t know how it happened so :laughing:).
If it only happens on your test server then some resource is doing some cheeky stuff and trolling you

The problem is on every server, is there a specific email or something else where I have to report this bug?

Not an email, post on forum, You can find some topics about “Bug Reports”

Latest FiveM Discussion/Bug reports topics - Community

Link to it. I hope they can help, since I have no idea what might be causing it

Thx i try it!