More Keymaster Keys?


So i am looking at bringing up a 4th server now and possibly a 5th server,

however keymaster limits you to 3 keys and we are wondering if it is possible to create more than the 3 keys without paying Double what we are already paying to create another account to buy the patreon?

The 3 license key limit was introduced in order to combat resellers. People created like a hundred keys, got patreon and sold those individual keys again.

I remember that they said something about just contacting their support with a legit reason and you should get your additional keys. However that was back when they introduced this limitation. Better wait for an official answer (or just directly contact the support).

Like Kiminaze mentioned, you need to contact support.

There is an official form link somewhere in the forums for it. I did this myself a while ago and it worked great.

It took me two tries though. You need to make sure that the server you are requesting a new key for is ready to be launched.

The issue is we need a server to use for testing everything and making sure everything works as we need to make sure everything work. witch also would cause a short term issue, as we have 90% of everything ready all we need to do is work on the framework aswell as new scripts but wont be able to do it as we plan on using QB and we dont have a qb server.