Momentum Roleplay | | Launching May 20th | Hiring staff | Hiring PD/Fire/EMS/DOJ/Mechanics | Realistic Economy | Serious Roleplay

We have found a Community Manager and are ready for more staff members!!!

Our staff positions are filling up quickly. if you are interested in staff, LEO, EMS/Fire, or being a mechanic, join the Discord link above.

We are still looking for new members to fill gangs, local businesses, EMS/Fire, and LEO. If you are interested, join the Discord link above

Changed Vol 0.6 | 13 May Update

UwU Cafe
UwU Cafe Locks
UwU Cafe Clothing
UwU Cafe Boss
UwU Cafe Food Eatable
Store Robbery use new system
Bennys added to tuner shop and mechanic shop
Sultan Tuned
Workbench New Blip with Third Eye
Mechanics Craft curtains items
New Vehicles System with Milage…
Made inventory items look better
Updated Garages
PD Garages can hold any vehicle
Two Imports Tuned
Added Vehicles to work with garages (And ownership)
Improved F1 Menu
New Vehicle Menu (F1 Menu)
Commands for vehicle controls
Plane shop prices adjusted
Elevators added to pillbox (Third eye)
Pay for Fire and EMS
Lumber Tweak
Motorbikes have new vehicle system
Added Mechanic Shop
Toolbox for civilians to work on their cars
New Mechanic system
Anti spam Punch
Hold F when getting out to keep vehicle running
Lower price of Crown Vic and K9 Version
PDM Prices and vehicles not working
Vending Machines Work
Updated Images for New Jobs
Weapon database
Adjusted Crafting (Easier)
/Removestuckprop (To remove props stuck in hand)
Different Vehicles spawn at PDM on restart
Bike Rental Added
Change Vehicle Rental blips to yellow
Press home can see your id and others
Burgershot Third Eye Fixed
PD Taurus Tweaked

Green circles that worked as elevators

Store Safe getting 3 alerts for police
Police cant reset house robbery doors (/resethouse)
Issue with lockpicking vehicles and houses
Helicopters not in shop
Helicopters not in shop
Able to smoke while driving
Vehicle must have full hp to use extras meny
Some Drinks were infinite
Taser weight now 5

There will be more updates throughout May!

Introducing our custom-made Burger Shot job created by our developer Atro. The job features full third-eye integration and a crafting system to create different food items. Below are images of the different menus and food items that can be crafted at Burger Shot. This same system is currently being integrated at Uwu Cafe and Bean Machine. Scripts like these allow for the facilitation of greater role play and the benefits from eating these tasty foods are much greater than the foods you will find at convenience stores. We are currently in search of individuals looking to run Burger Shot, Uwu Cafe, and Bean Machine

Overview of the mechanic script that Momentum Roleplay utilizes. With our mechanic script, mechanic shops are able to offer a wide range of services to the citizens of San Andreas. With the ability to perform transmission swaps, engine swaps, oil changes, different brands or tires, shocks, brakes, etc citizens can customize their car to their liking. All of these cutomzations require the mechanic shops to have materials in-stock so they can craft the required parts. This facilitates roleplay as the shops can hire citizens to gather materials from around the city. We are in search of mechanics, so if you are interested join the Discord today!


Introducing one of our newest scripts centered around increasing roleplay. This script is specifically used for the Bean Machine Cafe located on Elgin Ave. With this script, employees can craft different types of coffees and other beverages. They also have the ability to serve an array of breakfast pastries and fruits. If you are interested in owning or working at Bean Machine, join the Discord link above.