Mods on server*

Hi i wanna install mods on server ( if i create a server also) but i DONT GET IT … need Help!

Create a new folder inside the resources folder of your server. (Name it something appropiate like carmods)

Inside that newly created folder create a file called: __resource.lua (Can be empty) <— this is what i have problem with

Then create another folder in the newly created folder and call it stream <-- this to.

Inside that put all of your mods (yft, ytd and setting files.) <-- this

Then add the name you put for that folder in your settings file under AutoStartResources < this

I Hope you can help me with this =]

@jwbjnwolf how can i replace a ‘‘Text document,’’ to lua?

@jwbjnwolf said in Mods on server*:

In File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer) if you have Windows 8/10, go to view tab, then go to “show/hide” and enable show file extensions. If you do not do that, the text document will be actually named “__resource.lua.txt” but you won’t see that .txt. So With that enabled, just remove the .txt, it will ask you are you sure you want to change the file extension or something. say yes, then job done

i have windows 10 and how i find view tab?

@jwbjnwolf i just did that you show me but didnt get ‘’’__resource.lua’’ =/

@jwbjnwolf i got - "__resource.lua.txt’’ NOW !

@jwbjnwolf where i drop lua ? wich folder?

@jwbjnwolf Do i need to create folder called stream ?

@jwbjnwolf said in Mods on server*:


in stream folder do i need yft, ytd?

@jwbjnwolf ok. and how i do with this / Then add the name you put for that folder in your settings file under AutoStartResources* <

@jwbjnwolf ok. and now for big problem how i start server and how i know server name?

@jwbjnwolf THX! and if i wanna have offline server (play for my self in server) is it same way?

@jwbjnwolf ok =]