Modern Scoreboard [fax-scoreboard] [1.4]

Hi, I installed the scoreboard today, but as told earlier nothing pops up on the scoreboard. No names, and no ID. You said you have a fix for that? Where can i find it?

Hello! Why i dont see the names and the ID of the people. Its transparent maybe.

No Please look at the post above for a fix

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Release - 1.4

  • Update Manifest
  • Make resource work again

how do i move it to the right side of the screen

Is this compatible with onesync infinity ?

It makes the name take up more then one row. Also what happens when say there are 60 players? What happens to the list?

Clean on :0

so started noticing that players was not appearing on the list. i also at same time relized that it wasnt showing the players when they was not in your area. its only showing players near you.

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OneSync related issue

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hi there is there still a issue as i have now put your scoreboard in to a new server with fax-core and the scoreboard shows no one
in the server can you possibly give me any advise

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pls tell how to download

Please get this to work with OneSync. Best scoreboard out there, don’t let it die this way @FAXES

I’mhappy for people to make PRs to its GitHub :stuck_out_tongue:

You ever figure out how to fix this issue?