Mod Issue (Car/ped models)


So me and a friend are setting up a five reborn server and we are trying install Car and Ped re textures.

I have the files under C:\Users\Kadin\Desktop\fivereborn-server\resources\Mods\stream

And the __resource.lua under C:\Users\Kadin\Desktop\fivereborn-server\resources\Mods

In the console it says that the mods loaded but only the Police2 model was working and none of the ped models are working.
I have a whitelist installed aswell and that seems to be working.

Here are some pictures of what i have.!

Thanks in advance!

What is that .LUA called ‘server’ in there? Did you delete the /cache/ folder from the server?

@Boss The server.lua is my whitelist and ill try deleting the cache folder now. Will update when i can!

@Boss Ok that worked thanks so much!!!