[MLO] The Apartament with a secret room

I’d like to share a Flat with a secret room inside, You can use it for free and in way you want. This interior can be used as some drug seller npc placement, but who knows, maybe it is you who will create a perfect environment for this interior.

Preview video (Click ME)

Download (Click Me)

This interior is located in the Los Santos near the City Hall

Interior has:

- The Main Lounge
- The Secret Room in the wall


Yt video is a little bit dark, but ingame interior is seen nice.


Please work on your Trust Level 2 to be able to post to #development:releases in the future


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Appreciate this, Its is my first time posting on 5m community, will make sure to have the second lvl

thank u for this its cool

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Amazing! But i dont know why i got this problem


try to reinstall it, maybe u did something wrong or 5m just bagging. Is there enyone else who has this problem too?

this prop actually is not working for everyone, in all maps

i replaced this table, can u type if it works?

Its working for me…nice work

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