[MLO + Script] FNX-YACHT with customizable texture

Fenix Yacht MLO + Script


How about offering your players 3 awesome yachts that can be customized with their faction logo and name.
With this resource you will have access to 3 yachts, one white and gold, one carbon and one black and gold, with customizable textures! But not only this! in fact you will have at your disposal a Ped system that will give you the possibility to place around these structures some NPCs that make animations, dancers with +18 contents, or peds with aesthetic weapons.

In this yacht you will find uniquely redone exteriors, various rooms including those of the boss and much more!


  • Standalone
  • 3 Special yacht (3 different position)
  • Custom Exterior Prop
  • Rent a jetsky point
  • Spawn a eli
  • Dancer
  • Dancer for f*ck
  • Dancer for blowj*b
  • Texture open source
  • Yacht name and flag customizable

Video Preview


Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 367
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes

Flag and name editable? really? amazing!!!


thank you for opening the RP to mafias and gangs who can also have a place in the water! really a great job


Appreciate :heart:


Fenix developers always amaze! :wink:
Fantastic script!




good release, keep it on

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FNX on top !!

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Very good release

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is the a vehicle? how will they be placed?

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What a release! Big work, very good Fenix thanks :heart:

no its not, but actually its the best pack of yacht mlo release for a lot reasons

so its more of an MLO. are you limited to only 3 at a time or 1 at a time? we need some more details, what locations

as you can read in the post yes, are 3 different yacht in 3 different position with 3 different color, if you want more details im here but read first the full post, i gived some info :smile:

I was going to buy this until you tried to clown me like i couldn’t read. lost a customer.

Excuse me but I only invited you to read the complete post and I made myself available to give you more information, I reminded you that the questions who asked me are already answered in the initial text.

very good thanks Fenix !
Good Support!

thanks for your purchase and feedback Spider!