[MLO + Script] Anonymous

ex_prop_door_arcad_roof_l is the prop name for the door, if you whip up the lock for esx_doorlock let me know :slight_smile:

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Thx its work

why can’t i see the green circles? do it need a job for it?

image i cant see the green circles? how???

copy paste that part of your esx_doorlock :stuck_out_tongue:

How can I change the payout amounts? The script and the mlo itself is master job, but we would like to adjust the payouts because it does not match our sever´s economy. Thanks for help in advance. Thumbs up


can i have the door name and location? so I can lock it?

Great map and script. However isn’t tick rates a bit high? 0.60-0.80 ms :frowning:

Hii can you help please my markers aint working i go on the marker but dont get banking card and i dont see markers on the atms after and can i somehow turn off the mask on map because i want to make them like mafia and i dont want anybody else to see mask markers on map