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Baner kei

RockfordHills Police Departament phase 2

Scond Phase of 3 constructions of the Police Department in RockfordHills for FiveM.


Phase 2 - previews Screenshots


Known Issue:

The final configurations of the rooms will be in phase 3, as will the private garage for police vehicles and stairs to the police heliport. there will be a fourth update of a totally private meeting office in one of the nearby towers, on a seventh floor, with a 360° city view, the purpose of the location is to avoid the MG, with people who usually listen behind the scenes walls and/or voice tango error in meetings.


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nice release bro :+1:

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hey bro, it’s really cool what you’ve done here so far, but will phase 3 also be free?

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Hi bro!! of course. This mapping will have all its updates for free, so you can rest easy with the next updates, you and the other people will be able to access them without problems. I do it because there are not usually many mappings in evolution stages, and if there are, they are paid, and many people may not be able to access it. I hope it will be useful to you… I promise that the final version will be totally usable with script and props, optimal, and very pretty. I still have a lot of work to leave. thanks for the support!!!

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Thanks a lot!!! I hope it will be very useful. A person wrote to me at diacrord and told me that while it is evolving they use it as a practice facility for the police. and it gave me the idea for a future of making mock establishments. also optimized hospital that I have pending.

Excellent work like always! Keep it up!! :call_me_hand::+1:

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thank you very much bro!!! In a few hours I’ll be on twitch working on phase 3.

Hey, what is your twitch?

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I’m looking forward to the final version
Good job!


hello!! my twitch is Keihaan382.:blush:

I am also anxious. I tell myself Y?? is it finished already? hahaha thank you very much for the support, I’m working on the final stage and the discord for updates. :blush:

I’m working on the final stage that I put out this week. prepare your likes, let’s support these great projects that are free. thanks to all who provide all the support in any way. Thank you !


will this ever be available again ?

yes brother! that’s right! i’m working again on the project, due to travel and work i couldn’t finish it. soon it will be available. :slight_smile: you can see my progress on Twitch.you are welcome, all contributions and ideas are welcome for the advancement of the department and its optimization.

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