[MLO] Mirror Park Mechanic Interior [Paid]

Video: GTA 5 MLO: Mirror Park Auto Repair Interior - Youtube

Complete mechanic MLO interior with 4 rooms and cool features! This interior is located on West Mirror Drive in Mirror park.


  • Main mechanic area (outside) with mechanic pit
  • Waiting room
  • Office room
  • Garage room
  • Paint booth / Workshop
  • Backyard with gate
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Removable lift outside


  • Drag n’ drop, nothing else required.

Coords: 1129.45100000, -782.87970000, 59.21406000

This MLO can be bought on my TEBEX STORE



MrBrown you rock :+1:!
Just so everyone knows before it happens, MrBrown is K4MB1


Really good work on this MLO! Well done.

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arhh nice tip :smiley: was about to ask if this wasn’t K4MB1’s work :smiley:


Good bro!!

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good job bro

What is the start code

If I purchase it, Could I change the logo on it? or is the model locked?

tebex store link come up with a 404 error

Updated Tebex Link?

Tebex link is down

Updated :smiley:

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That’s creative, like ur creativity.
Can you eventually make something for the bank?