[MLO] Los Santos Job Centre

Nice looking interior! but the toilet tho :flushed:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! And yes shared Toilets haha :joy:

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I love the idea!

Nice boy a usefull upgrade :smiley: 10/10

Now you can get a job

Would be cool if you could sit on the chairs in the offices etc.
Is there a prop name or something i can add to esx_sit or something to make that work?

Very good work @VerpiMoDz , but I have found 2 errors:
-There is a collision which is not used (In your video you can see that there is no object in it, so I deduce that it is not a failure on my server):

-There are several errors in the F8 (caused by [email protected]_dt1_20_0.ybn):

Thanks very much for the Information!

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Can you unlock the 3d model please, i want to fix some colission with the front windows door, you dont have fixed it and i want to change the LSJC logo for put another logo for other RP projet in my communauty server

nice job my friend

what menu is that and is it for ESX?

Thank you in advanced

This is the job selection menu
Not for esx

VerpiMoDz Job Centre V1.2 … Protected model, geometry is locked fivem ???
i just want to change the logo LSJC .verpi_jobc_int_details.ydr

@VerpiMoDz I am reporting a couple of collision issues. The columns at the front windows you can walk into the interior through, and the wraps building next to it, you can fall right into the void as the collision is removed.

Also, are we allowed to make modifications to this interior? We’d like to add some doors to the stalls in the bathroom.

Thank you!

Great Job !!!



The MLO didn’t work