[MLO] Hidden coke lab with criminal headquarters [PAID]

Hidden Cokelab & Criminal HQ - MLO

[Coords] 520.44, 167.03, 99.37

Complete hidden cokelab with criminal headquarters
This interior is located on Meteor Street, Downtown, Vinewood

[Info about the MLO]

  • Coke Laboratory
  • Export zone
  • Headquarters for a criminal organisation



  • Works with any framework.
  • Drag n’ drop.
  • “start criminal_cokelab” in your server.cfg

15€ + TAX on my tebex

This map use the CFX Asset Escrow System.


  • This map is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System. This is licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
  • After your purchase, tebex will send an email with the download link. By the way, you can download your item from your keymaster dashboard HERE
  • Don’t worry if you bought this map and you aren’t the owner of the server: You can transfer ownership of this script in Keymaster.fivem. Go to “Purchased assets” and select “Transfer to another account”.

(More information here Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources - Cfx.re Announcements - Cfx.re Community )

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