[MLO] Dynasty8 real estate agency

good mlo

This is a very cool release! I can tell you put a lot of time into making it.

anyone have an idea regarding this? Normally im the one fixing or giving advice for these… but cant figure this one out. Im having the same issue. tried with visual mods and without.

First though was a colliding MLO, but i ruled that out - so now im here.

i have fixed by removing some shitty props that i had

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within the MLO file, or within an addon pack you were using?


Just wanted to say this is great and we’ve been able to make use of it!

Thanks for your contribution.

London Studios

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i was using some props for the pillbox and they were bad

Dope release

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What prop name has the glass doors on the front or hash?

hi Luke,

Thx man for the fast answer but i cant see the coordinates with the id gun

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can anyone give me the coords from the front doors

Coords in Mlo or in World ? is it to lock the doors?

yeah but i got it now anyways thx

Nicee!! Shall be downloading this into my server for a realestate agent! Nice release good work.

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Nice work GigZ! Only complaint would be the lack of mirrors in the WC! :wink:

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hey thanks for this release !

my friends have the graphical bug. i investigating for check if the probleme due of low quality texture parameters.

it’s possible to say me the listname of chair for my esx sit ? thx

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Hello ! :slightly_smiling_face:


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very clean work! this is a keeper

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Thanks GigzM <3

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