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Greetings from Hane Team
We have designed the Cigar Room for an immersive experience within GTA V, capturing the essence of a private gentleman’s club from a bygone era. With sumptuous leather chairs, rich wooden paneling, and the golden glow of the afternoon sun streaming through the blinds, this setting exudes a sense of exclusive luxury and intimate conversation.

If you want to have a classy and major place with completely custom vintage furniture, you can download Cigar Room :

For download Cigar Room FREE :


About Escrowed FREE Product

Since the assets used in the project are completely custom and the rights belong to Hane Studios, the project is offered FREE with escrow.

We will be waiting for the forum management’s decision on the issue before approving the topic.

Hane Studios's Unreal Engine Product :

Unreal Engine Preview

Cigar Bar & Store

If you would like to use the Cigar Bar & Store map, which uses such assets, on your server, you can purchase it here:

Cigar Bar & Store MLO | Standalone :


Cigar Bar Topic
[MLO] Cigar Bar & Store | Pipe Down | 15% Summer Sale | 3 Location

Cigar Room Include
  • Main Lounge
  • Vintage Corridor
Cigar Room Properties
  • Custom Shell
  • High Quality Custom Models (95% Made from scratch)
  • High Quality Custom Textures
  • Parallax Textures
  • Custom and Stable Lighting
  • Custom Extensions (Lightshafts, fires, smokes)
  • Custom Timecycle
  • Edited LOD-SLOD
15% First Sale

As Hane Studios, we are happy to present you the first discount of this year with First Sale.

| Cigar Room Screenshots

| Hane Studios

Hane Studios is a producer and publisher company that produces assets for next generation games from scratch and publishes and mod them different games such as GTA V.

| Credits

Producer : Hane Studios
Developer : VT-REUS, ook
Project Leads : Haneas, Boo

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For support, please DM to Hane Studios’ forum Profile.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Requirements Server version: 5181 or higher / Game build: 2189 or higher
Support Yes / with D

Greetings from Hane Team

Since the assets used in the project are completely custom and the rights belong to Hane Studios, the project is offered FREE with escrow.

The topic has been approved by the cfxre forum management, we would like to express our satisfaction that the exception was provided.

Enjoy the Cigar Room!

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Looks dope! Is there a direct download for this map? I think free releases need a direct download

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Greetings @Flexiboi

Thank you for your kind words and interest in our Cigar Room map!

We appreciate your enthusiasm. As for the direct download, all the necessary information and download details are provided in the topic above. We are glad to see community members like you being diligent about the norms for free releases. Your attention to detail is commendable. Thanks again for your support!

Best Regards,
Hane SupportTeam

Seeing the Tate brothers get out of an orange bugatti made me laugh, great video!

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Greetings @mrfuge

We’re so glad to hear that moment with the Tate brothers and the orange Bugatti gave you a laugh! It’s always rewarding to know our videos bring joy and entertainment.

Thanks for watching and for your positive feedback. Stay tuned for more great content!

Best Regards,
Hane SupportTeam

maybe read the rules :rofl: stats that any free release needs to have a direct download … this can not be a tebex link … you can zip the folder and drag and drop in here or use google drive link

Ok very polite and all but… yeah, please follow the rules for free release

Greetings from Hane Team

Thank you for your valuable comments and feedback. Due to Hane Studios policies, it is not possible for us to deliver the product without escrow.

We absolutely understand and respect the decision in line with the rules. The activity status of the topic will be shaped entirely according to the decision of the cfxre moderation.

We would like to thank the cfxre forum moderation for their interest and community management in advance.

Best Regards,
Hane SupportTeam

Please include a direct download as mentioned in the rules